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Motivational coach

Your desire, gift and calling - it is to open; open up situations and opening up people so that they will be back in their life force and stream again. You put people back in their own power, and, if necessary, confuse them and confront them to help them make a breakthrough, while choosing to fear things they actually desire to happen.

You set people free, so that they can grow and develop in their life. A lot of progress is possible in a short time.
--Sybe Dijkstra, Psychologist and Personal Coach, Amsterdam

Rob is someone who is empowering and directing. He has the ability of communicating at the right moments, pointing out exactly that part I couldn't see beyond at that moment. I call it diving in, opening and showing the pregnant space of possibilities... opening doors to what was waiting so close.

In a way I wasn't initially aware that I was applying aspects of what he said and shared when we interacted. When distracted by people in my daily professional or personal life, it's easier to feel the patience of knowing whether now, tonight or tomorrow I would exactly see what I would needed to see. As an athlete with a focus on performance, once or twice a week having a balanced day-to-day life is essential.

Fabian Wilnis, UK

Rob is a valued part of keeping focused, knowing that all is well...
--Fabian Wilnis, former professional footballer, UK

Intuitive, kind and empathetic to others, Rob Waterlander is an absolute joy and privilege to work with. If you're in the entertainment or sports industries, he really "gets" the pressures that we have to live up to - not only our own expectations, but the needs and expectations of those around us, and the public.

He doesn't preach, or tell you what to do or which plan to follow. Instead he leads each individual to the place within where the answers lie. He gently guides one to what they know, and what they need to know, to not only be successful in career - but also to be able to reconnect with the happiness and peace within.

Kitania Kavey, NL

Rob is also an expert in combining the realities of business and marketing (and public relations), with the spiritual/emotional needs of an individual.
--Kitania Kavey, Screenwriter, Actress, Model, The Netherlands/Europe