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LOF© Seminars

The Law Of Fear© provides access to desired manifestations with one emotion.

I am teaching others to use fear as a manifesting power - manifest all you want to see more of in life by diving into the well; fearfully, fabulously exploring all that you imagine. It is extending an existing part of The Law of Attraction, although not seen and not understood for ages.

In my seminars I will help you understand the power of fear and teach you to master it - to get what you want not by getting rid of fear, but by using it. Use the consequences of fear and worry not to destroy but to build what you want. Transform a perceived disadvantage into your most powerful tool of creation.

Fear is the key to manifesting, fear all that which you'd like to see coming to you. It is based on the epiphany I had 04-14-'14 (Lunar Eclipse day, at Split Rock/Wind River Mountains, Wyoming, USA.) "You people, are afraid of what you do not want. Stop doing that and be afraid instead for what you do want."

Fear and manifesting isn't a new concept, though fearing what excites and motivates you, fearing what you like, love, enjoy, desire, fearing your opportunities... that's the paradigm shift. Fear and worry creates things. The mind and the Universe don't notice the difference between what you desire or dislike, only your emotions and what you think about is what is picked up! Manifestation is a proven concept, proven to be successful. Switching to using the manifesting power of fear is the new concept.

As Job in the Bible tells his son, "What you fear, comes to you," which is similar to what Nietzsche and other teachers speak of. Job 3:25 "For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me." Fear can be the most powerful emotion, and also one of the most difficult to release or get rid of. Why not transform that into a powerful tool that works for you?

We all know that when we fear things that might happen, it eventually does manifest in some form or way - sooner or later. We then say things like, "I told you so," or "I knew this would happen." Fearing things, worrying about things real or imaginary is what we are pretty good at, so why not fear the things we actually do want in our lives? It is easy; we have been practicing the art of fearing for years. It is what our parents, schoolteachers, politicians and others did and do so well, and most of us unconsciously copy their examples. Worrying about and fearing what might happen is such a common thinking pattern.

It is NOW time we understand that we can turn things around and apply fear to accomplish what we want. We can still feel fear about what might happen, though this time try fearing how we would deal with life when things happen that we'd feel good about. What would we do, and how would we anticipate what happens when we experience the success we have been dreaming of, and what if the long dreamt of newborn, or really fabulous job, the wealth and/or the health we desire becomes reality? Whatever it is, once it comes to us, how would we deal with the challenges and consequences coming with all that?! Fear success, fear your biggest goals, fear having what you most desire in life, and manifest it with the natural skills you already have.

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How does it work?

For individuals:

I assess the needs of each client individually, and tailor the work that I do with you to your needs and desires, with the aim to create a shift in focus. Living a life with light and true joy, and knowing that you are achieving your full potential is something that is possible for each of us.

Light is essential. Many times we try to see the light in our lives, and we can't - it may seem there is no light. Circumstances and events can overwhelm us. Even well-meaning friends and family can discourage us from living our true purpose. Entertainers and sports stars in particular are under tremendous pressure to fulfill the expectations of others around them, often losing themselves and their personal focus in the process.

I can guide you back to the place where you are living a life that fulfills and completes you. It's not simply making a to-do list of goals and trying to achieve them, it's about getting in touch with who you are, your authentic self, and rediscovering your passion. It's about seeing the light and truly living the dream.

Please contact me to discuss your needs. I can work on a sliding scale, and I am available worldwide.

Private Coaching:

Private, one-on-one coaching or meet on Skype at your convenience to be guided, mentored and supported through to your goals. Single sessions 30 minutes or Skype packages available: one year, once-monthly coaching sessions of up to 30 minutes.. Full-services packages also available, please inquire. Can be billed automatically through PayPal (including credit cards) or iDEAL. Contact Rob directly: to request more information.

For Companies:

I am available to work with your HR department, with recruiters and headhunters, to help find the right executive for your company, or the right company for your client. In today's market it is imperative to match the job opening with the right candidate before time and money is invested in a position that doesn't work out. I assess the needs of both the company and the job seeker to ensure a good fit for both.