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Motivational Coach

Rob is not the typical personal, mental or motivational coach people might expect. His intuitive and empathetic nature is something he was born with, and has developed over his lifetime. He can sense, tune, guide and mentor, and feels compelled to share his gift with those in need. A world-traveler, he is based in Europe and continues to travel the globe.

In his own words: I've met too many people with a background in sales, coaching, etc. who speak the words of that what the books and teachers taught them to speak and think - the words of someone else. I have been in sales myself, and I did well. Being successful was fed big-time by my false self, my ego. Years later I did see the what and how. I am happy my body told me more than 10 years ago to quit selling. I noticed even more about me, deeper things. When it is authentic, from the heart, the real value of a coach to help us learn and listen to our own voice is what it's all about.

An interesting question for many coaches supporting people could be 'who is going to motivate you when the motivator has gone home?' I feel what works best is when a client is independent, only dependant on their own gained knowledge. When they absolutely know themselves, their heart, and can listen again to their authentic self. I have made it my life's work to guide people towards what always has been waiting for them, and once there, I just stay fine-tuning, watching from a distance as they live a thriving and wondrous life.

Rob is also an avid bodyworker; he's a certified Rossiter practitioner/pain manager who helps people eliminate pain from their bodies and their lives. His Rossiter website is:

What does the logo symbolize?
The lizard is associated with intuition and psyche, balance and sensitivity, helping us to detach from our past that no longer serves us. Detachment from ego, power to regenerate that which is lost, using fear, controlling dreams, conservation, agility. The lizard is an archetype of: Adaptation, variation, flexibility, and shrewdness. The lizard typifies characteristics that Rob works on every day within his own life, and he helps teach his clients to realize these same skills in theirs.