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authentic life coaching

As an intuitive motivator, people whisperer, inspirer and guide, Rob works one-on-one with you to help you create the life you want. He works to ensure your independence, and helps you discover or rediscover your personal light, so that you can continue through life's challenges.

He specializes in working with people in the entertainment and sports community; professional athletes, musicians, singers, movie actors/actresses, artists and other creative talent.

His work is not meant to substitute for those who have addictions or conditions that should be treated, but he can work as part of your team to success. All the possibilities are within you - and Rob can help you discover the endless joy and happiness that is there.

Rob's mission statement:
"My vision is guiding each person to create the opportunity to have their unique talents and thoughts tuned into the direction of their passion. When an individual's passion and creative direction is found and followed, then physical, mental and financial rewards flow naturally."

Private, one-on-one coaching. Meet on Skype at your convenience to be guided, mentored and supported through to your goals. Please visit the Services page or email Rob for more information:

Rob Waterlander

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